Sunday, May 1, 2011

The New Dry Stack Rock is Fnished

The New Dry stack York Lime stone wall was finished this saturday April 30th. There is nothing harder to do than to dry stack a stone that is made to have grouting between. But when it is finished the look is spectacular and has the real feeling of Dry Stack Lime Stone. 
The weather didn't do much for getting it done quicker, most of the time it rained and we set a record for April. I think that this newest addition to the front of Larry's home just set off the look we were trying to get. It helped to bring out the trellis and tie in the rest of the house with the garage.
We will be doing some changing of some of the landscaping look do to the winds that occur out in Skyline. The bark we put in originally got blown around into the lava rock and we lost some of the detail because of this. So we are going to do some additional drain rock placement which will also keep the deer from walking over everything. The deer don't like the drain rock to walk on as it is to unstable to their feet.
Here is a picture of it before the rock work was installed and the landscaping was done.

Here's a before picture of the deck wall.
Here is the picture after....
Here's a Picture of the my friend Larry standing in front of the newly finished rock wall. 

COMING SOON.... Lars Private studio room for rent by the day or week.