Saturday, December 31, 2011

Night Stands that were passed down get a new look for the Bedroom

Larry said that his Mother antiqued these Night Stands in the 70s and so now that they are in the family and getting old. We thought we would give them some new life and add some new features to them while we were at it.

This is the start of the re-vamping process. We will be stripping them down to the original stain and finish. Then we are going to stain them 2 times as we have to match the new bedroom furniture is not green and the new furniture has a 2 colors of stain.
Here's the before we started picture.
The I stripped the tops some to see what was under the wonderful green paint.
Wow it's real wood !!! not partial board....definitely a plus.
Now we know it is worth it to bring them back for the dead.

 These pictures tell the story. The stripping is done on one stand and the first coat of stain applied and drying.
Here are a couple videos.

It was very windy out when I took these.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bridge over the Creek Lars

 This is a video of a landscape project that I have done for a friend over the past few years and recently we built a bridge over a dry creek. This was done for better access to the lawn mower and also to get over the Creek. 
It was fun to build and works well.
Thanks Larry,

Click here to watch the video 

Here are a few still shots of the Bridge I like.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Priming the Bridge in Larry's Garage click below the word Garage

New Bridge to go over creek

This is a quick video of the bridge I am making for Larry that will go over Lars Creek on the left side of his home. I will put a few more pictures up when it is finished and installed.

Here's picture of the top rail not quit finished yet.