Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Look For The Master Bedroom Completed

This video we took late last night of the Bedroom remodel we finished April 10th 2012 for Larry. This was the last room that needed to be updated form the late 50s and now is complete. We took out the old closet doors and replaced them with a curtain for better access to the closet. We widened up the closet about 6 inches and had 2 custom closet cabinets made to fit next to the New dresser filling out the closet making it a more organized space. We put up a mirror above the dresser. The room got new electrical work adding more plugs. We put a flat screen TV above the Closet. We took out the old carpet and install new flooring and trim adding wains coating around most of the room to give it a more modern look and different feel to this small Master Bedroom.
Larry had a couple of old night stand his mother had given to him which we refinished and add a drawer to make them more functional. I want to thank Larry for helping me with ordering and allowing me to design as I go. He's a great friend and a one of the best customers I have worked for in my 35 years of building.
I hope you enjoy what you have seen.
Here's a final video of the room completed. I will take a day time video in the future.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bed Room Wain's coating application and trim

To give the room a more upgraded look we have applied Wain's coating to the walls with a chair rail. The new look is starting to take shape. Next we are going to finished caulking and painting the trim work than install the new bamboo laminate flooring and install the base. Here are the most recent pictures we have taken.

 The Final picture is the wire race that will keep the wiring up out of the way from the New Flat Screen TV and Comcast equipment.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Transformation over the Years at Larry Templetons Home

This Video is of the last room we are going to remodle. We have done every room in this Home now and there are no more left to upgrade. The Last room is the bedroom so here's a short video of what things are like currently. Hope you enjoy it.

The Sheet Rock is ready for Texture

Well we are ready to go with the Texturing of the walls. Larry and I have decided to install waines coating on the wall 4 ft. up to get it a new look,saving time and money to finish the opening made for the wiring. It's probably was wash when in come to time spent. But the resualts are much better and will give it a better look with the bamboo flooring.
Here's a few pics of the mudding before texturing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Closing up the Walls

Today I installed the sheet rock. It's always a good feeling to finish installing sheet rock. In my 35 years of building I have never heard someone tell me they enjoy sheet rock work. Dusty, dirty,and dries out your lips and fills your nose. Sheet rock is only one step better than insulation when it come to liking what I am doing.
Now that both are installed the next step will be the nailing off of what was installed and then tape and mud time.
 I do enjoy that but I don't like any sanding, so you do your best to keep the mud smooth out.
Here are some of the pictures take today March 14th.

Electrical in Ceiling

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Electrical Finished by Anacortes Electric

Today the Electrical was finished and Passed Inspection. I wasn't worried at all about the wiring inspection as I have work with Joseph and Anacortes Electric for many years. Thanks again  you work was up to snuff as usual.

Anacortes Electric Ad. - YouTube

Anacortes Electric Ad. - YouTube

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Transformation of the Place we Spend Two Thirds of our Life

The Transformation ? 
Where do we spend 2/3rds of our Life? 
In The Bedroom a Sleep. Funny I don't feel that way. But this is the average if you sleep 8 hours a day. 
Yesterday we opened the walls to expose the area we will need for the electrical to be re-worked. We will be installing two/4 gang electrical recepticals on both sides of the bed giving the night stands all the juice they will ever need for electrical devices.
Larry is great at organizing and ordering things for me when I need them. This helps me to save time with the running around and Larry can save also.
Here's a few Pictures shot yesterday Tuesday March 6th.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Last Room in the House to Remodle

Well here we are the last room in Larry's home to remodel. The Bedroom is going to take on a new look in the next couple of weeks so Please check out the up dates and join Larry's Web Blog to see what the changes will be. Here's a Video if before and some pictures of the room to be remodeled.
Here's a few pictures to go with the clean out we did on Friday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of last years Projects

I have been remodeling this  friends home now for some time . Maybe over a period of about 12 years . He's a Wonderful customer that is very into what he is having remodeled, and enjoys my thinking out of the box at times. He's willingness to let me create something old into something new is a blessing to me .
I hope you enjoy it also.
The last project we did was turning his second bedroom into a new home office. Here are some of the pictures of this project when we were in the flooring stage. In the future I'll try to find some before pictures of this project. I'm sure I have them some where.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Night Stands Drawer fitting for Installation

I had two drawers made for fitting under the shelve on these stands. This will help strengthen them and give a place to put reading glass and a book or something. The next thing I must do is to sand and first coat stain them so they match the new stain on the night stands. I am hoping to build a storage rack under the drawers if possible. The Night stand are on perfect dimensions and some what warped from age. I 'm guessing they are at least 60 years old.
Installing hardware guide boards for drawer.
Lining up the drawer front so the drawer will fit the opening.
The new drawer fits the opening great now some sanding and staining work again. The we will see what we can do with installing a rack under the drawer.