Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of last years Projects

I have been remodeling this  friends home now for some time . Maybe over a period of about 12 years . He's a Wonderful customer that is very into what he is having remodeled, and enjoys my thinking out of the box at times. He's willingness to let me create something old into something new is a blessing to me .
I hope you enjoy it also.
The last project we did was turning his second bedroom into a new home office. Here are some of the pictures of this project when we were in the flooring stage. In the future I'll try to find some before pictures of this project. I'm sure I have them some where.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Night Stands Drawer fitting for Installation

I had two drawers made for fitting under the shelve on these stands. This will help strengthen them and give a place to put reading glass and a book or something. The next thing I must do is to sand and first coat stain them so they match the new stain on the night stands. I am hoping to build a storage rack under the drawers if possible. The Night stand are on perfect dimensions and some what warped from age. I 'm guessing they are at least 60 years old.
Installing hardware guide boards for drawer.
Lining up the drawer front so the drawer will fit the opening.
The new drawer fits the opening great now some sanding and staining work again. The we will see what we can do with installing a rack under the drawer.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Night Stand Stripping is Complete and First Coat of Stain applied.

The night stands now have a base coat of cherry wood color stain on . The next thing I will be doing is installing the drawers I will put under the first shelve. The a shoe / magazine rack will be installed under the drawer. After this is completed. Then the final sanding and staining process will be completed and ready for new clear coat finish.
Finally I will add tempered glass on top to finish the new stands that will be used in the new bedroom upgrade.
Here's a picture of the first coat staining.