Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Look For The Master Bedroom Completed

This video we took late last night of the Bedroom remodel we finished April 10th 2012 for Larry. This was the last room that needed to be updated form the late 50s and now is complete. We took out the old closet doors and replaced them with a curtain for better access to the closet. We widened up the closet about 6 inches and had 2 custom closet cabinets made to fit next to the New dresser filling out the closet making it a more organized space. We put up a mirror above the dresser. The room got new electrical work adding more plugs. We put a flat screen TV above the Closet. We took out the old carpet and install new flooring and trim adding wains coating around most of the room to give it a more modern look and different feel to this small Master Bedroom.
Larry had a couple of old night stand his mother had given to him which we refinished and add a drawer to make them more functional. I want to thank Larry for helping me with ordering and allowing me to design as I go. He's a great friend and a one of the best customers I have worked for in my 35 years of building.
I hope you enjoy what you have seen.
Here's a final video of the room completed. I will take a day time video in the future.

Thursday, April 5, 2012